LORL: Undergraduate Research at the Capitol Event

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending an undergraduate research event with my professors and a fellow student. The title of my research is A Web-Based Visitor Experience to the Tyler Arboretum Treehouses with Google Earth. With this project, I took GPS coordinates and geo-located photos along the path of the Totally Terrific Treehouses Exhibit for children at Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA. From there, I mapped the coordinates and created a path to virtually travel around the exhibit. At each treehouse, a “pin” will pop up in Google Earth and display a picture of that treehouse and a short audio file about the specific treehouse.

This event was awesome! I got to meet my Senator Andy Dinnamin  and other political leaders (who all spoke to fast for me to catch their names!). Once I get the pictures from their offices, I will upload them as well!

To view my Treehouse Tour, visit the Geospatial Inquiry Blog at Penn State Brandywine.

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