Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, Mother Earth!

As of now, in 2011, I am sure we have all figured out ways we can help the environment and Mother Earth: turning off the water while brushing our teeth, driving electric cars, and recyleing, to name a few. What I have realized recently, however, is that social and mass media now have a huge part in helping MOther Nature. So, in the spirit of helping our planet, here is a few websites/twitter accounts that can help keep you up to date on how you can protect the environment:

  1. Mother Nature Network – This website is my favorite one! It offers suggestions to help the environment in many ways that I have not thought of, including eco-tourism, green technology, and environment friendly workplaces (invluding a list of 14 green prisons!). MNN also has atumblr and a twitter account @mothernaturenet.
  2. TOMS shoes – Although this company is known for it’s ONE FOR ONE campaign, they are doing an Earth Day special on creative ways to up-cycle your TOMS, including making soccer balls and bracelets.
  3. @TinyGreenBubble on twitter -” Tiny Green Bubble is the online destination of anyone who is interested in living green, living fair, and living aware – but still living fun. It’s about good content that is easy to digest, interesting trends, and easy ways to incorporate social awareness into your everyday modern life.” As Tiny Green Bubble explains in their “about me,” this site and twitter feed is dedicated to help us modern humans live green more often. This site is unique from others however, as it allowed readers to join the community and write blog posts themselves.
  4. @MyGreenEconomy on twitter – Green Economy News is yet another great twitter feed for information on the environment. I enjoy this feed because if touches on other pressing issues in the environmental spectrum such as hydro, solar, and wind power. On their website, they break down their information as news by industry, region, and subject, making it easy for their readers to find what they are looking for. My favorite subject is the Green Buildings section, one I found a passion for after visiting a Dansko Building on a campus trip! (but more on that later…)
  5. EcoSeed (faqyeahgreen) on tumblr – They too have a website, but the tumblr they have is a better way to put out information. This company covers an array of topics including carbon monoxide poisoning, saving water in restaurants, and green vending machines. Definitely one of my favorite blogs on tumblr!

I hope you have found this information helpful on such a day as Earth Day. Do something to save the planet today, but continue throughout your life! We only have one Mother Earth. Let’s protect her!

Of course, visit http://www.earthday.org/ to take action and learn about the Earth Day tradition.

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