News Stories/Research Reports


I was the co-host of a podcast! See all episodes here.


Travel/Photography Guides

  • All from NJspots, featuring photography how-to guides, New Jersey travel guides, and photographer features.

Script writing

Freelance stories

  • “Discover the World of Slack,” Summer 2021 iPhone Life Magazine, pages 62-63
  • “Best Photo Editing Apps for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro,” Spring 2020 iPhone Life Magazine
  • “Best Apps for Staying Informed,” Summer 2019 iPhone Life Magazine, pages 42-43
  • “The Best Dark Sky Places in America,” The Parks Apparel — July 2018
  • “Apps for Meal Kits and Learning to Cook,” Fall 2018 iPhone Life Magazine
  • “Apps for Starting the New Year Off Right,” Spring 2018 iPhone Life Magazine, pages 66-67
  • “Bon Appetit: Step-by-Step Cooking Apps Every Foodie Should Try,” Spring 2018 iPhone Life Magazine, pages 64-65
  • “Get to work!: accessories that help you stay on task,” March/April 2015 iPhone Life Magazine, pages 41-43.
  • Stick to Your Guns “Disobedient” album review, March 2015, Focus Magazine
  • “How to Pack a Backpack Efficiently” (story and photos), February 2015, Backpacker
  • “Vegan Hiking Boots,” February 2015, Backpacker
  • “Hot Springs Hikes,” January 2015, Backpacker
  • “Stretches for Hikers” (story and photos), January 2015, Backpacker
  • “Stay green all year long: 8 free apps for the environmentally conscious,” January/February 2015 iPhone Life Magazine, page 56.


Featured blogger posts:

University of Montana news stories:

Backpacker Magazine internship online news stories from summer 2014 (see them all here):

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