If you are like me, you have about a billion apps on your Android/iPhone that you will never use. My list includes “Dollar Origami”, “Ocarina”, “Air Penguin”, and “Beatwave”. This app, however, is quite useful and very green. Google has teamed up with the Pacific Institute to create a crowd-sourced drinking fountain app called “WeTap”. Instead of spending money on bottled water or lugging your heavy Nalgene around with you, you can search for FREE (that’s right, something is still free!) water fountains around the country.

Dr. Peter Gleik, President of the Pacific Institute, writes “Public spaces need to provide public water fountains, and municipal systems must continue to improve the quality of the water they deliver and to educate consumers about the bargain we are getting with tap water. We need our public water fountains to be maintained, cleaned, and made even more widely available, and to be vocal in fighting the trend to eliminate public water fountains.”

This app is also FREE, but not available for download yet. Andriod users are currently beta-testing the app. When it is, users “add the location, condition, and quality to a national database of fountains. The uploaded data, and a photo, will be accessible to WeTap users who are looking for a drinking fountain in that area.”

Sounds like a great idea to me!

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