Top 10 Climate Stories of 2017 — my first Climate Central byline

I wrote my first story for Climate Central!

Yeah yeah, I know I’m a little slow. Despite being there for 2.5 years writing copy for thousands of tweets and Facebook posts, and now for our newly-launched social videos, I’ve never written a bylined piece. But now I have!

I polled our social followers about what they thought the top stories of 2017 in the climate realm were, and they picked the following — the blockbuster hurricane season, new, terrifying sea level rise projections , the government (and its denial, among other things), Tesla and Elon Musk’s innovative projects across the world, the West’s terrifying wildfire season (which is never-ending, it seems), global heat records continually being broken, the social injustice of climate change, solar energy shining, the shift to transportation pollution being the biggest carbon emitter, and deadly heatwaves.

Read about it right over here. 


The Great Outdoors: My Nautilus #SparkofScience

It should be no surprise to anyone that my spark of science, a term coined by Nautilus Magazine, came from the great outdoors.

Nautilus was kind enough to accept my submission, wherein I talked about how my love for science, even though I’m not a scientist, came from spending time in wild places with my family.

I always thought my spark of science came from my Earth 100 class at Penn State with Dr. Laura Guertin, a kick-ass marine geologist and professor who introduced me to the connection between educational technology and Earth science. Who better to teach me about our changing planet than an American Geophysical Union blogger (and #SparkofScience blogger)?

But after a bit of introspective thought, I found that Dr. G’s class was just different path on my love for the Earth.

Read the whole post here. Thanks, Nautilus!

Abbey 2.0

As you may have noticed, I took a quick hiatus from my blog. “Why?,” you may ask?

Well, I finished up my thesis last month and have graduated from the University of Montana with my Master of Arts degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism. After my thesis defense of “The Unforgiving Teacher: the struggle to reduce backcountry avalanche deaths,” I was hooded in my graduation ceremony in front of my family and friends!

For a synopsis of my thesis and defense, please click through to this Atavist presentation. In the coming months, I will try to sell my story and infographic to a magazine.

But wait, there’s more!

Last year, I wrote this in my bio: “After graduation, I hope to work on the digital side of an environmentally-focused publication.”

And I’ll be doing just that.

I’ve accepted a position with Climate Central – a non-profit climate change news website based in Princeton, NJ focused on spreading accessible climate science facts and figures to the public and decision makers around the country, as well as provide graphics and information to TV station broadcasters in the US.

I’ll be working on all things digital, from web production to social media. Stay tuned on my progress there!

So thanks, everyone, for supporting me along the way. If you’re reading this, you’ve helped me get where I am! So thanks again. And check out!

Wilderness Society Blogger

As of Jan. 2015, I am a digital volunteer with the Wilderness Society, an organization founded to preserve wild places through outreach and education, as well as have a policy presence in Washington DC.

They reached out to me after seeing my millennials post (thank you, #wearethewild!) and asked if I would provide a series of blog posts expanding on my experience as an outdoor explorer.

My first post centers on getting kids outside. When the four of us kids we were younger, we would clamber into the motor home and drive across the country. When it was just me, my parents would take me out in the hiking carrier.

My mom and me on the Oregon Coast in the fall of 1991.
My mom and me on the Oregon Coast in the fall of 1991.

I’m happy to share my experiences with the Wilderness Society in the hopes that more parents will foster the love I have for the wild places! We are the wild, and we love it!