As you may have noticed, I took a quick hiatus from my blog. “Why?,” you may ask?

Well, I finished up my thesis last month and have graduated from the University of Montana with my Master of Arts degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism. After my thesis defense of “The Unforgiving Teacher: the struggle to reduce backcountry avalanche deaths,” I was hooded in my graduation ceremony in front of my family and friends!

For a synopsis of my thesis and defense, please click through to this Atavist presentation. In the coming months, I will try to sell my story and infographic to a magazine.

But wait, there’s more!

Last year, I wrote this in my bio: “After graduation, I hope to work on the digital side of an environmentally-focused publication.”

And I’ll be doing just that.

I’ve accepted a position with Climate Central – a non-profit climate change news website based in Princeton, NJ focused on spreading accessible climate science facts and figures to the public and decision makers around the country, as well as provide graphics and information to TV station broadcasters in the US.

I’ll be working on all things digital, from web production to social media. Stay tuned on my progress there!

So thanks, everyone, for supporting me along the way. If you’re reading this, you’ve helped me get where I am! So thanks again. And check out!

4 thoughts on “Abbey 2.0

  1. Of course, Dr. G! I’ll be scaling down my efforts quite a bit but I’ll still be blogging about huge environmental issues and environmental holidays!

  2. congratulations on all! you are a force, and I expect to keep seeing your name pop up in meaningful places. may I suggest a book? Facing the Change (edited by steven pavlos holmes) is a collection of personal essays that bring climate change issues directly into one’s being. you might appreciate it ~ just a thought ~ you might possibly have a bit more free time now! I found it powerful.
    best of luck to you in everything! susan

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