Three Avocados, a non-profit coffee company

The Three Avocados, Non-Profit: Reflection

 My honors class from the spring semester, Water: Science and Society, Skyped Joe, the founder and CEO of The Three Avocados. After our short chat, I was left with a feeling of blissfulness. Perhaps this is why Joe has been so successful! Other organizations, such as, Charity Water, and WaterAid, strive to give the gift of clean water to millions overseas as well. However, charities like the Three Avocados leave a good taste in my mouth because of their connection with a higher being and the feeling of doing good works for a higher purpose.
Joe stated that we in America “have a rare and plentiful experience of life.” Most of us on this side of the world over look that statement, especially because the water from our toilets is cleaner than most of the water in countries such as Uganda. Another aspect that Joe outlined in our session was the fact that water is such an essential resource for many aspects of village life. For example: if a young girl does not have to walk miles and miles to get water every day, she will have the opportunity to go to school with her time instead. Joe also stated that clean water is the foundation for education and economy.
Because this company has launched recently (within the last year), Joe is just getting started with outreach. He mentioned that we can help with social media (of course, I love social media!) and buy his coffee. One challenge of the non-profit he mentioned was the struggle in local versus global environment. Some people, he mentioned, hesitate to support his cause because they feel that the money spent on his coffee should go to the community rather than reaching out globally. As does, Joe and his company (and church group) work with the community in Uganda and teach them how to build a well, how to maintain a well, and how to keep their water clean.
All in all, I really admire Joe’s drive for charity and this small non-profit has created. Because our class is deeply touched by such issues now, I hope that we can continue to tweet, blog, and use Facebook and delicious to get the word out. It is great to see the wonderful things average “Joes” are doing for the world!

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