Another Major Collaboration: STARBUCKS GOES GAGA

Mother Monster is now pairing up with the world’s biggest coffee chain, Starbucks. From today until June 3rd, Starbucks consumers can play a digital scavenger hunt, using QR codes within the store to unlock new Gaga levels and ultimately win Starbucks and Gaga swag.

On the day her new album is released (May 23rd, this Monday!), Gaga will be blasted throughout Starbucks speakers as she makes her Starbucks debut. In addition, she will take over the Starbucks Digital Network, allowing fans to download a free single, watch a personal video, and listen to a live stream of the album ALL DAY.

Not a Gaga-o-holic? You might want to stay out of Starbucks for a while.

Read more on Mashable.

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