INFOGRAPHIC: Do College Professors Use Facebook?

Yes, anther infographic! Soon I will have to post the infographic on infographics because I love them so much!

This is one of my favorites, as a matter of fact. It explores if and how college professors use social media. Personally, almost every one of my faculty members has a Facebook, and one of my professors even allows us to friend them so we can “chat” and so she can answer questions. Another professor only has Twitter, as some of her students explained the reasons why they thought it would be weird for our teachers to be on Facebook.

With student feelings aside, this information shows that social networking in the classroom is very popular: 91% of teachers use it whereas only 47% of businesses use it. Perhaps this is because our generation is so wrapped up in social media that these teachers feel they must social media to help us learn or to even keep us paying attention. Personally, I took a class called Water: Science and Society last semester. I loved it, and it was probably because of all the digital media and social media we used. As a class and community, we used Twitter the most extensively to create  @WeArePSUWater to go with our global water awareness campaign, @notproperty to raise awareness of human trafficking, and @PennStateCAN for followers to keep up on our recent Canstruction project. We used delicious, a social bookmarking tool to give more information to followers about the global water crisis which is also highlighted on our tumblr. If this wasn’t enough, we utilized twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to create podcasts about certain water awareness organizations and other global water problems.

All in all, I believe that utilizing these exciting and free! tools in the classroom keeps us college students engaged and focused. Thanks to all the teachers out there who like to mix it up!

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