Sigma Xi

Last week, I attended an undergraduate research symposium at St. Joe’s University sponsored by Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. Although my major is in the college of communications, I have learned to love earth science because of my favorite professor of all time, Dr. Laura Guertin. She attended the conference as well, aiding me in my research, titled: A Web-Based Visitor Experience to the Tyler Arboretum Tree Houses With Google Earth.

Combining geo-spacial relation software Google Earth with a hand-held GPS unit, photos, and audio clips, I created a interactive Google Earth file of the Tree House at Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA. Teaming up with the Education and Media staff at the Arboretum (where I also intern in the office of communications), my project will serve as computer-based visitor experience for those who want to explore the Arboretum before visiting. Fellow students utlized Google Earth for Tyler Arboretum as well, creating virtual tours of a few hiking trails in the Arboretum limits.

This is not my first undergraduate research project, but it is the only one I have presented at a symposium! On April 26th, I will present my research at the state capitol, as I was one of thousands of undergraduate researchers chosen. Very excited to present my research there!


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