How to have a low-waste Valentine’s Day

Here are some of my latest and greatest tips on how to have a sustainable, low-waste Valentine’s Day! Because loving your partner does not mean hating the Earth.

Shop sustainably

Who doesn’t like stuff? Unless you’re REALLY going low-waste and have stopped shopping altogether, your partner is PROBABLY hoping for a Valentine’s Day present.

If you’re getting clothes, opt for the most climate-friendly. If you need help with that, check out my latest guide.

And that brings me to my next tip…

Give the gift of an experience

Of course, I love stuff as much as the next person, but I’d much rather go to a museum (I recommend Arcadia Earth!!!) or go for a hike — spending quality time with my partner! — over a gift that I might not use or will only use sparingly.

They might even appreciate this more than a gift. I mean, you know your partner best, but try it out! A day out together, especially if you take public transportation, means less carbon emissions and less trash.

BYO Tupperware

Again — maybe you opt to stay in and make each other dinner. But if you don’t, try my latest and greatest trick: bringing a reusable container to restaurants to bring my food home.

Sure, you get tons of weird looks. But should you care? No.

Recycling is a giant problem these days, and most takeout containers aren’t even recyclable anyway! So ditch the stigma and stash your Stasher bag with you to your date!

Or, you could opt to do nothing!

Why give into consumerism! Eat the food you have, stay home and play a game, and watch something you have queued up on Netflix!

I kid, but the most waste-free Valentine’s Day (or any holiday) you could have would consist of you staying put and using the resources you already bought.

Cover photo by Rachel Walker on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “How to have a low-waste Valentine’s Day

  1. I’ll be making a new recipe for dinner and then we will stay in to watch a film, that’s our treat as we love cooking together but often don’t have the time to try out anything new. You don’t have to do much on Valentine’s day, spending time together is the main thing.

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