Individual actions won’t save the planet. But you shouldn’t be ashamed of them.

I’ll cut to the chase — individual actions like recycling and cutting down on flights will not save the planet from mass extinction, deforestation, climate change, and ocean warming. In fact, they won’t do much at all to curb emissions.

Hell, even planting trees really isn’t a viable solution anymore. Holding corporate polluters accountable might help.

We need big, structural change to make a difference now to move the needle on climate change.


This doesn’t mean that you should be shamed for using bamboo utensils and opting to fly less and going vegan for the planet.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with swearing off plastic because you don’t want it to end up in the oceans. Choosing chicken over beef or oat milk over cow’s milk is not a choice to be ridiculed because you want to do your part where you can for water use and land use. And there is definitely nothing wrong with carrying your reusable bags and containers everywhere, even if people look at you like an insane person.

Most of the individual actions we choose to do actually are better for our bodies and minds, and save us money.

Check out any of these articles right here to see what changes you can make in your life that might make a difference for your wallet and for your waste.

Don’t let rude people on the internet make you feel bad about cutting down on your waste and emissions. They’re probably just jealous they haven’t done it yet.

Cover photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

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