Wilderness Society Blogger

As of Jan. 2015, I am a digital volunteer with the Wilderness Society, an organization founded to preserve wild places through outreach and education, as well as have a policy presence in Washington DC.

They reached out to me after seeing my millennials post (thank you, #wearethewild!) and asked if I would provide a series of blog posts expanding on my experience as an outdoor explorer.

My first post centers on getting kids outside. When the four of us kids we were younger, we would clamber into the motor home and drive across the country. When it was just me, my parents would take me out in the hiking carrier.

My mom and me on the Oregon Coast in the fall of 1991.
My mom and me on the Oregon Coast in the fall of 1991.

I’m happy to share my experiences with the Wilderness Society in the hopes that more parents will foster the love I have for the wild places! We are the wild, and we love it!

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