The World Cup (of Climate Change)

C’mon, you all knew it was coming!

Just in time for the World Cup (go USA!), Grist created a graphic called The World Cup (of Climate Change):

We set World Cup competitors against each other based on who can get the farthest on the least carbon emissions. The logic being, if you are going to pollute the atmosphere, you should make sure you get a lotta buck for your bang — that is, wealth for your combustive energy.

Click-through to see the whole articles, including upsets.

So, as you can see, Switzerland wins because it has the least amount of CO2 emissions per person and half of their energy usage comes from alternative energy (the other half from fossil fuels, which is better than the other countries in the brackets).

Think about this as you watch the World Cup – not all countries are equal in carbon emissions and fossil fuel usage!

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