Jeans: the Fashionable Way to Save the Environment

Maybe you think of recycling and using less water to help save the environment.

Well, for singer Pharrell Williams and Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh, those two things have roots in the way we now see the manufacturing of jeans.

Williams, most recently famous for his Grammy’s hat and single “Happy,” has created a new line of denim with clothing maker G-Star RAW. However, this denim comes with a twist.

National Geographic reports that William’s line of denim, called “RAW for the Oceans“, features “jeans made from recycled plastic that is reclaimed from the ocean.” The recycled line will hit stores in August 2014. Check out the promotional video below:

Williams is also the owner of Bionic Yarn, a company that created a spiral pattern to combine plastic and fibrous materials.

DPX Fiber Construction by Bionic Yarn
DPX Fiber Construction by Bionic Yarn

On the water saving front, iconic jeans-maker Levis recently said that you don’t have to wash their jeans.. ever.

“We are the ultimate in sustainable apparel,” Bergh said. “If you buy [our jeans] they will last a lot longer than most people’s waistlines will.” (Mashable)

This approach probably won’t work for my cheap jeans (sorry for ratting you out, Forever 21), but he has a point: less washing also leads to less water use overall.

Levis has also created two new jean lines: “Wellthread” (“products with fabrics that are easier to recycle and that will use less energy and water”), and “Waterless” (which uses less water in the jean production process), according to Mashable.

Well, now I have a reason to not wash my jeans ;).

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