Earth Week 2014 Thursday: National Parks Week!

Even though you may have missed the free National Parks admission last weekend, you can still take advantage of National Parks week (April 20-27).

Okay, so that video was a little cheesy. But it tells us that there are 401 US National Parks to explore, and it reminds us to go wild! Also, Junior Ranger Day is April 26th! Don’t think you have a park near you? Check out the Sierra Club’s list.

National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) created a “find a park” tool where you can do just that – and not just one near you, but across the country. And if you can’t visit any time soon, you can buy a print from the See America project! Check out one of my favorites below:

See America: Joshua Tree National Park (print by Adam S. Doyle)

There are other ways to explore National Parks this week, as I outlined in my Virtual Explorations post from November. You can explore natural sites from around the world on Google Maps or peruse the US National Parks from space in a NASA Flickr photo set. You can also explore and learn more through another NASA photo gallery.

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area (from above) – NASA Earth Observatory Photo Gallery

I’m feeling nostalgic this week, because instead of hiking through canyons or hugging trees, I have been inside working on homework and other assignments. But this summer, I am going on a road trip. More details to follow, but until then, feel free to explore my past National Parks blog posts!

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