Earth Week 2014 Wednesday: The Canopy Project

Aside from promoting the “green cities” theme for Earth Day this year, the Earth Day Network is also behind The Canopy Project campaign. You can watch the promotional video below (with a short advertisement about Jaden Smith’s movie “After Earth”).

Here are some of the most important points from the initiative:

  • The Canopy Project plants trees that help communities – especially the world’s impoverished communities – sustain themselves and their local economies.”
  • “Over the past three years, The Canopy Project, has planted over 1.5 million trees in 18 countries.”
  • In the US, projects to restore urban canopies have been completed in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Flint, and Chicago.”
  • “Our tree plantings are supported by sponsors and individual donations and carried out in partnership with nonprofit tree planting organizations throughout the world. We work in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme’s Billion Trees Campaign. Each tree planted is counted toward A Billion Acts of Green”

As mentioned in the above commentary, efforts to plant trees and reverse the effects of climate change have been happening all over the world. In Italy, residents are preserving local wetlands and forests on a major floodplain. In Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden Uganda and the United States, activists are planting trees everywhere, even in urban areas.

So, if you didn’t know, planting a tree is a great step to help the Earth. They reverse land degradation (by helping mitigate erosion), provide food and income, and filter the air so we can breathe. Planting trees has been at the forefront of conservation since the beginning – so go out there and plant one!

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