Ocean Degradation Awareness: BuzzFeed

I am no stranger to ocean and water pollution awareness on this blog – I have blogged about pollution, remediation through recycled products and other ocean issues including acidification, marine debris and World Oceans Day updates.

Click through to view the article about ocean health

So, you can imagine my happiness when a large news outlet, BuzzFeed, created an article about this very subject! The article, which has the format of a list and images, explains 13 reasons why the ocean may never be the same.

The threats they list are overfishing, acidification, coral bleaching, oil spills, shark finning, algal blooms, dead zones, mercury pollution, invasive species, PCBs (a chemical which I wrote about in my first iBook), the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (also in my iBook), military sonar use, and nuclear radiation.

So, please click-through to the article to learn more about these threats in a simple way so that you can be more educated about the future health of the ocean. If you want to do something to help, please visit NatGeo’s 10 Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean or learn more through the Save Our Seas Foundation.

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