“The Real Cost of Environmental Disasters” Infographic

I’m back with a new infographic, created by the Vermont Law School. Basically, this infographic, titled “The Real Cost of Environmental Disasters,” outlines a few disasters I have written about (like the BP Oil Spill) and others, including Love Canal Superfund site and the Libby mine asbestos contamination (here in Montana, sadly), which I have learned about in grad school as examples through environmental journalism.

This infographic gives information on the cost of environmental disasters, which includes money for clean-up, negative affects on communities and commerce, human health, and degradation to the environment. Basically, it outlines everything that I talk about on this blog! Enjoy, but take this away: these disasters can be avoided for the most part. Click through for the full infographic:

Vermont Law School Master of Environmental Law and Policy Online and LLM in Environmental Law Online

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