Preface to the AGU Fall Meeting 2013

A few weeks ago, abstract submissions were returned, which means that I will be returning to the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco this December! Although this is not my first AGU, this is my first conference during which I will be presenting in two sessions instead of one!

My first session is called “Water Pop-Ups,” and it is new at AGU this year. This session allows students to give a 5 minute oral presentation on what they believe the future of water is throughout the world. Not surprisingly, I went the conservation route:

 The study of hydrology has changed in recent years from the basic study of water, like where water comes from and where it goes, to how we are going to get more of it. Over the past 50 years or so, the world has been running out of water, and conservation has become an important part of the study of hydrology. With conservation comes the introduction of people in the study of water and the environment: how do scientists and environmentalists encourage people to conserve water and adapt other environmentally conscious behavior? The effectiveness of environmental education will be increasingly important and will be the future of hydrology and geosciences across the globe.

This is only a portion of my abstract, but it gives you a sense of where my talk will be going, and it will largely focus on environmental education.

My second abstract was also accepted for a poster presentation in the Education and Public Policy umbrella. I am the most excited for this, as this abstract revolves around my blog!:

In 2011, I started a WordPress blog to engage more with my undergraduate education field of study – communications. Starting out with blog posts about social media, this blog’s initial goal was to showcase my interest in the media as well as to blog about my first conference attendance and presentations. However, blogging turned into more than that for me. As I was pursuing a minor in Environmental Inquiry and therefore taking more Earth and environmental science classes, I learned that I love to write about environmental issues, particularly about how issues can be addressed and resolved. Because of this shift in my personal and professional interests, I began to blog about global topics such as global water consumption, environmental conservation and arctic sea ice. This change in direction was unprecedented, but helped define my online presence.

Again, this is not my whole abstract, but it gives you an idea of what I will be discussing at my afternoon poster session. If not for this blog, I would not be in the graduate program I am in today!

My “Water Pop-Up” oral presentation is on Wednesday  morning, and my poster session is on Thursday afternoon. See you at AGU!

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