Environmental Explorations: Why I Changed the Name of My Blog

When I started this blog in 2011, it was an outlet for learning about communications furthering my knowledge on mass media. Over the past two years, my blog has transformed into my personal journal about social media, but also about environmental issues, as my interests changed while I was at Penn State. Through my Environmental Inquiry minor, I learned that I love to write about the environment, which lead to research projects and conference presentations that I presented around the United States.

So, that brings me to a new chapter in my life! Meet “Environmental Explorations” – a blog about environmental issues (as usual), my experiences in grad school, and the various trips that I take around the country for my research and own pleasure.

Thank you all for supporting me in my endeavors thus far, and I hope you are excited to take on this new journey with me!

One thought on “Environmental Explorations: Why I Changed the Name of My Blog

  1. Of course, I’m very excited to take this new journey with you Abbey & also excited for you that you are able to take it. Best of luck with it & anxious to read your blogs.

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