Happy World Environment Day 2013!


Happy World Environment Day (June 5) 2013! As all environmental holidays start, this one is to celebrate the environment and encourage positive environmental action. The governing body, the United Nations, emphasizes this important message:

Through World Environment Day, the United Nations Environment Programme is able to personalize environmental issues and enable everyone to realize not only their responsibility, but also their power to become agents for change in support of sustainable and equitable development.

Basically, this message means that they hope that more and more people will get involved in positive environmental practices and realize how much power humans actually have when it comes to saving the environment. Just a small amount from each person goes a long way!

The theme this year is Think.Eat.Save. in honor of the planet’s struggle to feed our ever-growing population. Hopefully, through World Environment Day events, the public will see how much food is wasted and aim to prevent hunger/malnutrition across the world. Through this education, the public will be encouraged to save food to eat as left-overs and to just consume less in general, which will lessen the strain on the agricultural system.

You can register your activity for World Environment Day on the website. As I always preach, make a difference! A little goes a long way!

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