3 Stories to Read this Weekend

I’m back from my brief hiatus (sickness and term papers don’t let up in late winter/early spring!) with three stories to catch up on this weekend.

The Empire State Building goes dark for Earth Hour 2013
The Empire State Building goes dark for Earth Hour 2013

1. 2013 Allergy Season Could Be The Worst Ever: As if spring allergies aren’t bad enough, climate scientists are hypothesizing that global warming  brings early spring, and the high levels of carbon dioxide bring MORE pollen than ever before. Break out the tissues and allergy medication!

2. President Obama Creates New National Monuments: A few weeks ago, Obama designated 5 new national monuments, including the following: the Brandywine Valley in Delaware and Pennsylvania (my backyard!), Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad in Maryland, Rio Grande de Norte land area in New Mexico, Charles Young Buffalo Soldier home in Ohio, and the San Juan Islands in Washington. Click through to the article to explore the new natural monument sites!

3. The Aftermath of Earth Hour 2013: If you aren’t familiar with Earth Hour, check out my prior blog post. The Instagram blog compiled a list of landmarks around the world that wend dark for Earth Hour and the World Wildlife Fund compiled a list of participants. Overall, I am very happy about the amount of participants this year, and raising awareness for global celebrations of the Earth is awesome!

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