Billboard in Peru Produces Potable Water

Water from billboards – you would have to see it to believe it:

UTEC of Peru (University of Engineering and Technology) created a billboard that collects humidity from the air and creates potable water from it through reverse osmosis, Grist reports. Because this area (Lima Peru) is on a coastal desert, the area only gets .51 inches of rainwater a year. The community struggles with water and the little they do have is polluted or dirty. Thanks to this billboard, the members of the town can use the spicket to collect water.

This project shows enormous promise for communities in this predicament. Instead of piping water in from other areas, which is costly and causes dissonance between countries, they have created a solution with their resources (the 98% humidity rate). However, UTEC funded this project and it was probably really expensive. In order for this to be implemented throughout the country/world (and places with water resource issues), there needs to be organizations with funding available for projects such as these. Still, a great start on helping with water depletion!

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