Happy Green Holidays!

Since I have been busy with finals and finishing up all of my school work, this is a compilation of some great green gifts, up-cycled gifts, and green-wrapping ideas. Happy Holidays! And reduce, reuse, recycle in this holiday season!

1. 40,000 plastic bottle tree

2. Eco-friendly kid friendly stocking stuffers (all from Etsy)

3. Compilation of Green Gift Guides from Treehugger for all types of people in your life: the designer, the do-it-yourself-er, the fitness guru, the foodie, the green geek, the outdoor enthusiast, and more.

4. Upcycled make your own snow globe out of a baby food jar – great for those with baby food jars and trinkets you may want to preserve in a unique way!

5. Eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas


Happy green gifting!

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