AGU Day 4: What I Learned

If I have learned anything from AGU, it is that I made the right choice in my summer project (Controversies in the Hydrosphere), and that my passion for interdisciplinary learning and education was the right path for me.

When I first started my iBook, I was beyond excited. Not only do I love the environment (and learning about world water problems), but this book gave me the outlet to describe my “favorite”  water problems and disseminate my passion to others. The iBook project also excited me because I am the first person at Penn State to do a research project on an iBook (to my knowledge!). I really enjoyed compiling all the information for the book, and playing with the widgets to create the perfect balance of text and photos is really enjoyable as well!

As for the interdisciplinary approach.. well this conference was just the beginning! Before the conference, I knew that I wanted to use my major (Media Studies) to help communication environmental issues with the public. I have finished my applications to graduate programs that do just that – environmental communication. However, AGU helped me realize that this path is EXACTLY the way I want to go! When I attended sessions on scientific communication, it further solidified that the public needs to know about environmental issues, even if scientists don’t think that they have the skills. With my communication skills, I feel confident that I could help school the public in key environmental issues like the world water crisis and climate change.

So thanks, AGU, for helping me realize that I would love to communicate the environment/science with the general public. I hope that through grad school or wherever life takes me, I can someday end up on that road!

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