3 New Infographics

If you read my blog regularly, you would know that I am borderline obsessed with infographics. It must be something about seeing the data instead of reading it.. Anyway, here are a few infographics (about social media, of course) that I found interesting in the last week or so.

1. Are You Addicted to Twitter? (Mashable)

Although I talked about internet addiction in an earlier post, this article/infographic only speaks to the addictive qualities of Twitter. I may have stated before that it doesn’t seem like someone can get “addicted” to the internet, but these facts have me leaning in the other direction. The infographic shows that 50% of the 100 million Twitter users log in daily, and that there are approximately 250 million tweets a day. It also explains that Twitter may be more addictive than cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine. The most astounding data on the infographic is the conclusion found by researchers. In 2010, college students were challenged to go 24 hours without social media, and the results were astounding! The participants described their experience with words like addiction, physical or mental distress, failure, confusion, and isolation.

2. Social Media Demographics (Mashable)

This infographic is similar to many the internet has seen in the past. I was surprised to see that with both Facebook and Twitter, the age demographic between age 0-24 has the lowest amount of users. I could see that for Twitter, since it is a lot about celebrities, organizations, and corporations, but that number surprised me for Facebook. It is good to see that Facebook has marketed to the 45+ demographic, which has the most amount of users. Surprisingly, that age group is the highest using Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Digg. There are other specifications as well, including gender, education, and household income. Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit have the richest users who make 100,000+ per year, yet Reddit’s amount of low-income users ties the high income users.

3. The Power of Pinterest (TechCrunch)

Since I love Pinterest, here is yet another infographic explaining, well, everything you need to know about the new, popular micro-blogging platform. The growth of this website is astounding, and it is also very good at sending traffic to other websites, a feat that is praised in the blogging world. How many of you will actually click-through my image to see the infographic? Chances are, not many. That is where Pinterest has the power. Since the pictures are “so pretty” and the site offers many different DIY projects, the reader/blogger/user is more likely to click-through the picture to the actual website, and that is great for traffic. It is also interesting to note that all of the other major social networking platforms mentioned in the infographic, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, are not picture oriented. This is where blogs like Pinterest and Tumblr are gaining popularity. People want to see pictures instead of reading words, unless the blob of words in under 140 characters.

So there you have it, your daily dose of infographics. I hope that with the new Visually: Create studio, users like me who don’t know how to format an infographic from scratch can start creating them!

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