NEW: Visually Create

After waiting what felt like years, Visually finally sent me an e-mail regarding their new program: Create. Through this program, you can authorize your Facebook and Twitter accounts to make original infographics. Among the Twitter ones are “Life of a Hashtag” and”Twitter Showdown” (stats between two twitter users). The only Facebook infographic for individual users is “Facebook Monster”, which takes your information and gives you stats based on likes, pictures, and comments. There is another generator called “Facebook Insider”, which takes information from your brand Facebook page and gives you stats.

Was this small burst of information a letdown? A little bit. They have been building this create studio for a while, and I was hoping for more, as one out of those four new infographic generators was already in existence. In the time that they took to announce this new content, I could have learned how to make infographics myself. And I would do it anyway if I happened to have a Macbook and Adobe Creative Suite. However, the bottom of the  page promises that more are to come, including customizable infographics in popular categories and real-time insights on your Facebook page.

In keeping up with the plastic bag topic, I have created a “Twitter Showdown” Visually Create versus @banthebag (for the ban) and @bagtheban (against the ban). The results are interesting, showing that the @banthebag has more followers, but @bagtheban has more engagement and more re-tweets. Very interesting! This is why it is so hard to conduct research on Twitter: Nothing is as it seems. It seems as if those people who are for the ban would have more support with more followers, but the people who are against the ban have way more re-tweets and mentions despite their meek amount of followers.

Visit to make your own!

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