Upcoming Items!

I have not been blogging much lately but I have been up to some pretty interesting things!

First, I went to the San Francisco Bay area recently, and I have much to blog about, including the salt water marshes, the California Academy of Sciences and the plastic bag bans.

Also, I am currently in the middle of a few books (while also in the midst of searching for scholarships for the fall!). More about these books to come!:

Cognative Surplus – by Clay Shirky
The World According to Twitter – by David Pogue (@pogue)
The Secret – by Rhonda Byrne
Share This! How You Will Change the World With Social Networking – by Deanna Zandt
Connected – by Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler

Obviously, I am not reading all these at once, but I have dabbled in a few of them.

Lastly, I have been working with my professor on a summer project regarding social media and how I can relate Storify, Flickr, and Twitter to environmental issues. I am currently toying around with the plastic bag bans, the wildfires, fair trade (specifically in Media PA), the tiger as an endangered species, and a few others that I have persued through from Mother Nature Network and GOOD magazine.

More blog posts coming soon!

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