Happy World Oceans Day!

Today is a day to honor our oceans around the world. On the official World Oceans Day website, the about page explains why we should celebrate World Oceans Day, whether it be that the ocean generates most of our oxygen, regulates our climate, or serves as a source of creativity and inspiration! This day, in coordinated by Ocean Project and World Ocean Network, encourages citizens of the world to change perspective by challenging others to think about what the ocean means to them and to the human race, learn about the wonders of the ocean, change our ways of dealing with pollution, and celebrate how the ocean may affect you!

The World Oceans Day event also promotes two smaller events: “Wear Blue, Tell Two” and “Celebrate with Seuss“. In “Wear Blue, Tell Two”, working professionals are encouraged to wear blue in celebration of this worldwide event and to also raise awareness of why the oceans are important. By telling two facts to  someone in your professional life, this person will help spread the word as well! During the event Celebrate with Seuss, readers can download the “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” activity kit that helps raise ocean awareness as well.

As I was digging around on the internet for some cool ideas, I came across a project called “Be An Ocean Hero” by Oceana. This website is a pledging platform that is to be used throughout the entire summer where viewers can pledge to help the ocean with their small, but useful action. REaders can pledge to recycle, eat sustainable seafood, or clean up their local water way. I enjoy finding all these days and events that are beneficial to the water environments around the world. I encourage you to make a pledge, wear a blue shirt, or tell someone why you should help out our oceans! Every little bit counts!

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For other protective ocean news and information, follow the Surfrider Foundation on twitter @surfrider.

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