UPDATE: This App Is Awesome – TapIt Water

As mentioned in my previous article, WeTap is a great app for Android/iPhone. However, it is not released yet. I have found something equally as cool!

As I was searching for apps in the App Store (on my new iPhone), I came across this beauty. The non-profit organization TapIt Water has created a network of small coffee shops and businesses who are willing to supply clean, sustainable water to people who need to refill their water bottle! This network is not only focused on saving plastic, recycling, and drinking tap water. They explain on their website that they are also committed to understanding why these issues are present and presenting real solutions to these water/recycling problems.

From their website, you can find places near you to collect water, become a community partner, donate, and download a volunteer guide! Every little bit counts. Besides, tap water is way better than drinking water! (Post with ramblings of my stance on bottled water to come.)

Follow @TapItWater on Twitter
Become a fan of TapIt Water on Facebook
Download the iPhone app

For more information, visit their website.

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