2016: The year climate change won at the Oscars

.. and also the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally won! Woo!

But climate change also won. In his speech for winning Best Actor in “The Revenant,” Leo talked about the need to protect our home planet.

This isn’t Leo’s first climate change rodeo. In Rolling Stone, he says he’s “consumed” with finding solutions. He referenced the globe’s hottest year (2015) in his Golden Globes acceptance speech. He talked about climate change in a Wired interview. He talks to world leaders about it. He’s a Messenger of Peace for the United Nations. He has divested his money from fossil fuels. He has his own foundation for the cause — which focuses on protecting biodiversity, conserving oceans, conserving wildlands and, of course, climate change education. He even witnessed climate change first-hand when filming “The Revenant,” and told everyone about it.

We need this as much as Leo needed that Oscar — we need people like him to educate the masses.

Climate change is real. It is happening. And as he says, “let us not take this planet for granted.”


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