Have a Sustainable Valentine’s Day

This year, I won’t be sending anyone Valentine’s gifts. There are plenty of ways to show someone you love them without buying them a stuffed bear or a platter of chocolate (although I do love chocolate!).


The Huffington Post created a list of climate-friendly things you should do instead of buying stuff for your Valentine, which includes adopting a polar bear (to assist with research and policy efforts), planting a tree, taking action with the Climate Coalition (by showing your love for the Earth), and giving a house plant instead of flowers (so you can have beauty all around you that helps you breathe!).

If you feel the need to send a card, send your loved one one of these e-cards from Greenpeace instead. They’re cute!

So what’s my number one suggestion for Valentine’s Day? You guessed it – go outside! The stores, movie theaters and restaurants will be flooded with people, so why not take to the trails! Go here to find somewhere to play!

Another option is staying in and cooking for your Valentine. Not only will you save money, but you will produce less waste and use less energy (you don’t have to drive!). Plus, energy is saved when you are both watching Nexflix together instead of separately in your own homes. If you already live together, props to you for helping save energy already!


If you want a more authentic Valentines Day, gifts included, make your own DIY project (check Pinterest for inspiration) or check out these earth-friendly retailers!

  • EarthEasy – carbon-balanced gifts!
  • United By Blue – for every product purchased, the company removes a pound of trash from our oceans
  • UncommonGoods – recycled and up-cycled gifts

However you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, spend it sustainably!


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