#AGU14 Tuesday

This morning I attended the “Water Science Pop-ups” session (where I presented last year). As you can tell from the title, the talk focused on water scientists explaining what they do! Since the presenters are students, it was awesome to see people my age talking about how passionate they are about their science, and their willingness to share it.

The keynote talk today was given by two wonderful presenters: Robin Chase, founder and former CEO of Zipcar (and founder of BuzzCar in Europe), and Wendy Schmidt, president of the Schmidt Family Foundation. Click-through for my tweets from the event. I will be blogging about this keynote speech on AGU’s “The Bridge” blog. Stay tuned for that!

Click-through for tweets from today's Presidential Forum.
Click-through for tweets from today’s Presidential Forum.

I also stopped by the “Reconstructing the Alcatraz Escape” poster, where a few scientists walked through the science behind how the three men who apparently escaped from the famed Alcatraz Island (former) prison on June 12, 1962. Their research was even featured on dozens of news sites this morning. Dr. Rolf Hut, Dutch scientist featured in the article below, presented at the Water Science Pop-ups this morning:

Dr. Hut said he was inspired to find out more by the US TV show MythBusters, in which the presenters recreated the escape and managed to make landfall.

But the Dutch scientist wanted to recreate the exact conditions of the night using historical tidal data in the computer model. (Read more on BBC)

I next attended the Bloggers Forum to cheer on my mentor (and favorite scientist) Dr. Guertin! She has her own personal blog for students at Penn State, but also blogs for the AGU Blogosphere about geoscience education (GeoEd Trek).

Last up: Open Mic Night, a favorite AGU event! Here are a couple of my favorite lyrics/performances from the night.

I’ll leave you with my most popular tweet of the day, which references water science students using drones and GoPro cameras to collect visual data on watersheds. Follow me on Twitter for more!:

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