Guanabara Bay Too Polluted for Sailing Events during Rio 2016

For me, it’s never to early to start reporting about the Olympics. I had a blast with London 2012 and Sochi 2014! Now, on to the early stages of Rio 2016. And Rio de Janeiro will be plagued with my favorite environmental problem: water.

According to the Associated Press, Brazil had previously promised to cut 80% of the sewage pollution flow into Guanabara Bay before the 2016 Olympics. Now, Rio’s mayer has announced that it would take more than a decade to clean the pollution out of the waterway, so it will not be clean for the games.

Guanabara Bay borders Rio - the site for the 2016 summer Olympics.
Guanabara Bay borders Rio – the site for the 2016 summer Olympics.

As you can see, the bay is right next to Rio – the home of the 2016 Olympics. In rio’s 2009 bid, they promised to have the waterway clean so sports like sailing could compete. But now, with the remaining pollution, the sailers will have to compete outside the bay or at the mouth of the bay where there is less pollution.

Pollution in the Bay

The pollution in the bay is really bad, to put it lightly. Some athletes who have visited Rio to train and check it out have ran into sofas and paddled into dog carcasses. The bay is also filled with human corpses and feces, according to the Independent.

It is not all bad news, however. According to Bloomberg News, other Olympics construction is underway and expected to be done by the time the torch reaches the city. Let’s keep an eye on Rio, and hope it doesn’t become another Sochi.

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