Okay, so the climate hasn’t stopped changing, but here is a brief update on some climate conversations going on right now.

1. The public cares more about “global warming” than “climate change.” Researchers at the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications found that “global warming” triggers images of melting ice and poor stranded polar bears, while “climate change” is a more abstract topic and does not produce the same results to some people. Read more at the Guardian.

Recently, the media and scientists have moved away from using global warming, as global warming has been lumped into climate change. However, should the media change what word they’re using based on their audience. Perhaps.

2. In April, Farmers Insurance Company filed nine class-action lawsuits, suing several local governments in the Chicago area for damages due to climate change.

The lawsuits outline that even though these governments know that climate change is damaging their clients homes through heavy rainfall, they are failing to do anything about it.

“Farmers is asking to be reimbursed for the claims it paid to homeowners who sometimes saw geysers of sewage ruin basement walls, floors and furniture,” reported E&E News. “The company says it also paid policyholders for lost income, the cost of evacuations and other damages related to declining property values.”

As heavy storms and weird weather events continue, this is likely to happen more often in more places. Perhaps a “climate change” insurance plan will start sometime soon! Read more at Climate Progress/Think Progress.

3. Clues to past climate are hidden in old paintings, and scientists are now studying them.

An example of a sunset from 1818.

The Daily Climate reports that “Researchers studying paintings of sunsets have found that painters inadvertently captured important environmental clues within their work.” The deeper the red in the sky, the more pollution in the air. Who would have thought?

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