Outdoor Exploration: Teddy Roosevelt Memorial Ranch – East Front of the Rocky Mountains

A few weeks ago, I attended a retreat at the Teddy Roosevelt Memorial Ranch on the East Front of the Rocky Mountains outside of Dupuyer, Montana. The retreat was focused on reporting large-landscape conservation issues in the Crown of the Continent.

The public education center on the ranch where we stayed for the weekend.

The retreat consisted of conversations between journalists, scientists, citizens and conservationists. Topics touched on what scientists should expect from journalists, how journalists should translate complex science issues and the sources involved in reporting on large-landscape conservation issues. Some sources would be ranchers, conservationists, wildlife biologists and other people involved in the Crown of the Continent.

Part of the group outside at sunset

For more information on the goings-on of the retreat, click-through to read the University of Montana Journalism press release.

When we weren’t seated around a table looking at the heads of deer, bear, mountain lions, bison, moose, goat and sheep, we went exploring on the ranch. The TRM Ranch is a working cattle ranch owned by the Boone and Crockett Club, and focuses on education, wildlife research and conservation. They also entertain public hunting on the property.

The meeting room where we spent most of the weekend – check out the taxidermy (grizzly bear and mountain lion not pictured, they were stuffed whole)

Here’s a photo from the hike: isn’t it beautiful?? This was a non-windy morning, but the first day we arrived I almost got blown over on the way to the car!

East Front of the Rocky Mountains – Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch view

We also played horseshoes with a mountain backdrop and enjoyed a clear sky full of stars at night – we couldn’t have picked a better place to convene!

(All photos are my own)

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