Smog in Paris

You know I’m no stranger to blogging about smog. I have posted a couple (okay, maybe three different posts) about the smog in China.

But this time, it has hit my favorite European city: Paris.

The Eiffel Tower barely visible. I’m sure tourists aren’t happy with the view this week!

BBC reports that the air quality levels have been the lowest in years, and the city of lights lost some of it’s brightness when the city was blanketed with smog. City officials have banned cars in some parts of the city and citizens have been encouraged to use public transportation. Having used the metro on several occasions myself, I can say that it’s convenient, fairly cheap and very clean/enjoyable.

This is not the first time that a European city has taken measures to combat air pollution. Milan bans cars “whenever pollution exceeds the statutory limit for 12 consecutive days.” This first happened in 2011. Madrid  has also called for citizens to use public transportation on days of high pollution, but it hasn’t worked as well.

The problem will continue to get worse. As transportation and industry increase, harmful gases will continue entering the atmosphere and creating smog in major cities.

However, change will come over time. Until then, walk or take public transportation when you can. Spring is around the corner, so enjoy the weather on your walk across campus!

2 thoughts on “Smog in Paris

  1. I couldn’t believe when I heard about this also. I would never have guessed that Paris could have a smog or pollution problem. I hope it will get better in time for the busy spring and summer seasons.

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