Roses are red, but keep your Valentine’s Day “green”

Here is a short list of how to keep your Valentine’s Day green!

1. Don’t buy useless stuff – chances are, especially if you’ve been with your Valentine for a while, they won’t miss the confetti, plastic candy containers and other “useless” trinkets. Once the candy is gone, the plastic will end up in a landfill for years, so stick with treats with low amounts of plastic debris. Hey, you may save a few pounds (of trash, and weight) that way!

2. Get them a recycled gift – no, I don’t mean the extra chocolate from your office Valentines Day display, or a napkin that says ‘be mine.’ But, you could browse the “ecofriendly” category on Etsy, Ten Thousand Villages, or embrace nature by buying a plant or exploring the great outdoors in leu of a gift. Also, send Valentines e-cards instead of actual cards – it saves paper!

3. Eat organic food, drink fair trade wine – If you don’t want to head out to a crowded restaurant and opt for a quiet dinner at home, go for organic food and fair trade/organic wine. This is a win all around (and leaves more room for fair trade chocolate!).

4. Of course, if it is time for jewelry, buy from Brilliant Earth – a sustainably focused company with ethically sourced diamonds.

For more ideas, check out Grist’s green gift guide.

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