How to Have a Sustainable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is on it’s way, and if you haven’t finished picking up all the ingredients for the meal or decorations for the weekend, check out these eco-friendly and sustainable Thanksgiving tips.

Think locally. This may seem like a no brainer, considering local food helps local farmers, but is also part of a bigger picture – transportation. The food has to get to the grocery store from somewhere else, usually by truck, but if you buy local food, the transportation costs and pollution are spared.

Think organic food. Organically grown food is local, sustainable and delicious. They are not grown with an pesticides or steroids, so they are good for you, and are likely grown at a farm down the street, which is good for the farmer. For more facts about organic food, click here.

Save your leftovers. According to NPR, Americans waste 33 million tons of food per year. Some people aren’t fond of leftovers, but next-day turkey sandwiches are some of the best left-overs there are! Instead of throwing away food, you can save it for yourself or compost what can be composted.

Strategically wash dishes. Thanksgiving dinner is known for it’s endless heaps of steaming potatoes, roasted chicken and glazed green beans – which means there are also endless dishes. If you use actual dishes instead of paper/plastic (which you should), be careful about how much water you use when washing dishes. Plug up your sink and reuse the water.

Re-use decorations. In order to create less waste, re-use decorations like candles, table linens and other knick-knacks that you may put around the house. No one will notice that you re-used them, because they will be focused on how good the meal was!

For more information on a climate-friendly diet, click through to Take a Bite Out of Climate Change.

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