“Green” your 4th of July and Summer Travel

With summer travel in full swing and Canada Day (July 1st) and 4th of July coming up, there are few ways to “green” your vacation or green your holiday parties!

1. Take public transportation – Driving a car (especially around cities) means unnecessary emissions. Taking the bus, the train, or the subway can provide not only greener transportation, but a cheaper alternative that adds adventure to any trip!

2. Use BPA-free plastic bottles or metal bottles for water when traveling- It is a waste of money and plastic to continually buy water bottles in convenience stores and airports, so carrying around a water bottle allows you to save money. Even if getting water from water-fountains creeps you out (even though it shouldn’t be weirded out, as it is the same water that comes out of your tap), you can buy inexpensive flavor packets to make you feel better.

3. Pack your lunch when possible – Again, not only is it cheaper, but when you pack lunches in reusable containers and use reusable lunch bags, this small action saves trash from entering landfills.

4. Use your own dishes for parties – It may be more cleanup for you, but it is more sustainable to use your own set of plastic dishes for parties instead of single-use paper or plastic plates/utensils. Again, less waste and plastic in landfills!

5. Set out a recycling-only bin at parties – Most people DO want to recycle their cans and bottles at parties, but often there is not a clearly-labeled recycling can. Make a few, and set them all over the party so that people can clearly see them.

Even though these seem like little changes, a little can go a long way. Happy Holidays!

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