What will YOU do this Earth Day?

For some, Earth Days have come and gone for years without even a thought. For others, Earth Day symbolizes a day to celebrate all which with the Earth has provided us, including air to breathe, water to drink, and land to develop. So, will you celebrate this year?

The Earth Day Network is focusing on climate change this year, and highlighting “the face of climate change”: those who are making a difference.

I take time on this blog every week discussing world-wide water issues, domestic oil disasters, banning plastic bags, recycling, national monuments/parks, energy usage, climate change, smog and pollution, geology, and many more in an effort to alert the public of the growing problem of environmental issues and the damage that we are inflicting to the planet which allows us to sustain life.

But, what does celebrating Earth Day really mean to me? It means that I provide the public, including YOU, with environmental education so that you and others can tell take action on these environmental problems, like telling your government that you do not support harmful energy activities like fracking and pipelines, educating younger generations on the importance of conserving energy and recycling, and learning about issues that many not be affecting you now, but will definitely come to the forefront of many conversations in the future.

The benefits of education are endless: it provides you with knowledge to make your own decisions and own actions, as well as the drive to tell others about what you believe and why you believe it. So, this Earth Day, I encourage you to talk to your peers about what worries you about the future of the environment, whether it be the dwindling water supply, our dependence on foreign oil, or the pollution in the atmosphere. And for those of you who do not usually participate in Earth Day, I encourage you to listen to your peers in order to form your own educated opinion about these timely issues.

I will be celebrating this Earth Day with a week of blog posts and updates on my favorite environmental issues. Will you be listening?

(For the official Earth Day website, sponsored by the Earth Day Network, click here! The Earth Day Network is focusing on climate change this year.)

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