Talk Sh*t for World Toilet Day with (November 19th)

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that I am passionate about the world water crisis and sanitation. My favorite water charity is! This year on World Toilet Day (November 19th), is asking for monetary donations to support sanitation efforts around the globe. But let’s be real, us college students need monetary donations ourselves – we can’t afford to give donations that often!

However, the next best alternative is donating your “social media voice” to the cause. When you go to this website, you can take’s social media pledge and connect your social media (Facebook and Twitter) to By doing this, will post links and information (through Facebook posts and tweets) on your behalf to “Talk Sh*t” during the week of November 19th in order to increase awareness of the world water crisis and how sanitation is important. Sanitation infrastructure and toilets are important because without toilets in developing countries, untreated sewage pollutes rivers and lakes. Sanitation infrastructure is also important because according to, “toilets bring dignity, privacy, safety, and health” to these developing nations.

Skeptical about donating your “voice”? Don’t be. This social donation is great because next to money, education is great help to and other water aid organizations. Spreading the word is very important!

So, visit and pledge your voice. Talk Sh*t!

Plus, Matt Damon is a co-founder.. could this organization be any better? Test your toilet knowledge with this video:

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