Controversies in the Hydrosphere: my iBook research!

For the last few months, I have been working on an iBook for the iPad called Controversies in the Hydrosphere, made by iBooks Author. This book contains case studies on a variety of controversial issues impacting the hydrosphere.

The iBook includes image slide shows, embedded videos, interactive images and quizzes, and critical thinking questions. Outlined in the introductory iBook chapters are the Big Ideas of Earth System Science and an overview of Earth’s spheres. Since the book targets the hydrosphere, each subsequent chapter focuses on specific water issues, including glacial melts, aquifer depletion, coastal oil pollution, marine debris, and freshwater chemical contamination. Each chapter is presented in a case study format that highlights the history of the issue, the development and current status of the issue, and some solutions that have been generated. The book was created with the purpose of being distributed to middle school teachers in order to supplement an environmental class.

An explanation of the book (and download!) can be found on the PAESTA website.

My favorite part about this research project is the fact that I could blend my passion for technology and writing with my love for environmental education and water issues. Through this book, I myself was able to learn about these issues with the hydrosphere, and I am glad that I was able combine the information with slide shows, YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, and loads of pictures to show students that learning about the earth and about science can be fun!

I hope you enjoy looking through my book! Please let me know if you happen to download it. Any and all thoughts and suggestions would be appreciates. Next, I am working on another “book” that highlights the problems with the BP Oil Spill and it’s impact on the environment. I will be presenting these two books at an international research conference called the AGU Fall Meeting (hosted by the American Geophysical Union) in San Francisco, California in December.

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