Ryan Lochte and Conor Dwyer: Olympians Helping Water for People

Although I am a little bit obsessed with Olympic gymnastics and Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte did not go unnoticed by me or the rest of the world. He is an 11 time Olympic champion in the pool, and now is taking his fame and global reach to support water projects around the world.

Recently, Ryan Lochte and fellow swimmer Conor Dwyer (who picked up his first medal as Lochte’s teammate this summer in London) have partnered up with Water for People to create a public service announcement explaining the global water crisis. Check out the PSA below!

Water for People is a non-profit organization which specializes in the main pillars of the global water crisis: the development of sustainable drinking water resources, education about waterborne illnesses, and the creation of sanitation facilities.

Sometimes it is hard for non-profits to get the word out about their cause, even if it is in dire need of repair. Lochte and Dwyer say that it takes 4 hours for women to get water daily for their families, and also state that there are 800 million people without access to safe water. Water for People explores the strategy of getting famous people to narrate a PSA, and it is a very smart idea on their part! It is great to see Olympians, who many young people stand up to, spreading the word about these important global issues. Hopefully they can make a difference.

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