Olympic Gymastics

In honor of the 4th of July (Happy Birthday America!), this post will focus on the best on the internet regarding the Olympic Women’s Gymnastic team and other Olympic-related items that you need to know! The gymnastics event has and always will be my favorite, considering I can’t do anything that their bodies do, and they have muscles that I didn’t even know existed. Being an athlete myself, I can really appreciate the hard work and dedication to their sport to put them through to the top. Also, they are all just shy of 16 years old, which is absolutely amazing!

1. Get to Know Your Olympics Gymnastics Team through GIFSThe Atlantic Wire: This is an example of a 16-year-old killing it in a global competition. Gabby Douglas made it to the Olympic team last week in the trials, and we will surely be seeing a lot of her in the Olympic coverage. This site is very cool because if explains the strengths and weaknesses of the gymnasts, mostly through GIFS, and who doesn’t love moving pictures? The best place to see gifs and other media all in one place is Tumblr, and this one in particular has been showcasing some good information, without the immaturity that some Tumblr members have.

2. Olympic Medals Infographic The Telegraph: As you all know, I am a sucker for infographics. This one is an interactive one that shows the evolution of medals throughout the years. Yes, it is cool to see all the different medals, but it is also very neat that you can refresh your memory of where the games have been since the 1900’s. For example, did you know that the Olympics were in London in 1908 and 1948 as well? I’m sure we will be hearing London Olympic history throughout the Olympic broadcast.

3. BBC Launches Facebook App to Live Stream OlympicsThe Hollywood Reporter: As if the people of London won’t be living and breathing the Olympics in their every day life and through their television sets, BBC has launched an app so that users can live stream the Olympics. The producer explained that “the app promises to deliver a ‘rich social viewing experience, plugging online audiences into the communal excitement of big sports moments'”. The app also promises “likes”, chats, and comment threads about videos. BBC wants to test social viewing. will it be a success? Probably. We live on Facebook, and sometimes it is simply easier to be “Facebooking” and watching something in the same window instead of turning on the TV as well (which is the definition of #firstworldpains).

4. U.S. Olympic Team – Twitter: This Olympics is sure to be the most social yet, with hashtags and social viewing, and the Twitterverse will be in full swing. Follow @USOlympic to get all the news from the U.S. Olympic team and more behind-the-scenes content.

With the Olympics in a few weeks, the internet will be bursting with new information every day. I will be posting more about fair trade and green practices in the Olympics, but be on the look-out for a Twitter-specific blog entry about who to follow.

Happy Birthday, and go team USA!

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