Cool Pinterest Infographic

I love infographics! This one is about the success of Pinterest from Mashable. My favorite Pinterest accounts are, of course, Mashable, Mother Nature Network, and Whole Foods. I really like Pinterest because of the emphasis on pictures. As I have mentioned previously numerous times in blog posts, our society is moving more towards having pictures and photojournalism rather than reading words. Perhaps it is because we’re so lazy, but I think it is a matter of convenience. After my Communications 411 class last semester, Cultural Aspects of the Mass Media, I have learned that people do activities and buy products merely for their own convenience. Media consumption is the same way. Instead of reading through a story or recipe on how to make a specific food on the internet, you can first look at the picture of the meal on Pinterest and thus be inspired to cook a meal.

I have also mentioned before that the success of Pinterest is baffling. Who knew that this loosely defined “social network” would arise almost instantly and become a success! Only time will tell what will happen to this one. Tumblr has never been THAT popular, Myspace is practically gone from everyone’s mind (no offense, Tom), and Facebook is still growing and staying strong. We’ll see I guess!

Follow my pins here, and happy pinning everyone!

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