Seven Ways to Save the Seas – Pop Sci Magazine May 2011

Although I am not a huge fan of science, I do love the environment very much. When I saw this article open on the kitchen table from my brother’s Popular Science magazine, I had to read it! This article outlines how the human race can help save the oceans and also include many big colorful pictures, which I love!

1. Stop filling them with poison.

2. Put a price on carbon.

3. Repair the water cycle.

4. Curb invasive species.

5. Rescue coral reefs.

6. Fish smarter.

7. Increase our knowledge.

Of all these wonderful solutions, I believe number 7 is the golden ticket. Without knowledge of what we humans are doing to the environment, we cannot stop filling them with poison or curb invasive species. Another thing I have learned about environmental problems is that unless everyone is completly on board, nothing is going to happen. For example: one of the ways Popular Science magazine believes can change the fate of the oceans is to curb invasive species. Unless everyone on every continent begins this process, the invasive species will only get worse. If a few groups of people around the world start eating/removing the invasive species, the world will not be impacted globally. Unfortunately, that is the truth about environmental problems.

Link to the digital article, May 2011

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